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Guilherme Boulos is a victim of rumors and lies, since he became a threat to the groups that controlled the country. Read the truth here and help spread the word.



1) Does MTST charges money for the occupations?

No. The MTST haven’t and don’t charge any money from the families organized in our occupations.

2) Is MTST in favor of collecting money in occupations?

Each social movement has its working methodology. The practice of extortion, however, is opportunistic and inadmissible.

3) Was the MTST responsible for the occupation at the colapsed building in Largo do Paissandu?

That ocupacion was not organized by MTST, but by another movement of housing rights, the MLSM – Social Struggle for Housing Movement.

4) Guilherme Boulos omitted himself about the tragedy in Largo do Paissandu?

Guilherme Boulos was at the scene of the tragedy on the same day as the event, in solidarity with the families victims of the collapsed building in Largo do Paissandu. In addition, MTST members along with other housing movements in São Paulo gathered to discuss strategies for solidarity with families at the scene of the tragedy.

5) Does Guilherme Boulos’ father have a vacant lot or land at Rua Paula Ney, 447, in Vila Mariana, São Paulo?

There is no property, or land, in Vila Mariana, nor anywhere else on Boulo’s father name. This information is being propagated by public people, that will be prosecuted and respond to justice for their actions.

6) Has Boulos ever lived in an occupation?

Guilherme Boulos left his parents’ house at age 20 to live and work in a homeless occupation in the metropolitan area of São Paulo. It is known as the Leadership of the Homeless to spend much of their time in the numerous occupations of the movement, present in the hoods of São Paulo and throughout Brazil.

7) How does Guilherme Boulos pay his bills?

Boulos is a professor at the Graduate School of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo (USP). He has been a professor of the public school system in the state of São Paulo, is a columnist for Carta Capital Magazine and a writer, and has published books such as “Which side are you on? “,” Why do we occupy? “, Among others. The MTST has a permanent crowdfunding campaign , which pays a good part of its activities.

8) Guilherme Boulos will sue Eduardo Bolsonaro, Augusto Nunes and people who slandered him?

Yes, he will! Practices of slander and libel are a disservice to democracy. Everyone who commits the same crimes will have to answer in court